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Brand building, creative, and engaging, video production out of Kalispell, Montana

Promos / Branding

A big focus for my video production in Kalispell is marketing, so if you are looking to grow your company’s brand, know that my goal is to create engaging video that accomplishes your marketing objectives.

If you want to promote a certain product, I can shoot that. If you are looking to build anticipation for an awesome new event, I can shoot that too! Send me a message and we can custom tailor a video that will boost your business.

Outdoor / Adventure

Adventure videography is my personal bread and butter. Growing up in Kalispell, it has been a passion of mine to capture the stories of outdoor experiences and to tell the stories of people who are living their lives to the fullest.

If you have an outdoor brand, I would be more than happy to create videos that will generate excitement around your outdoor products or services. 

Creative / Engaging

I have no interest in filming videos just for the sake of filming videos. Everything I produce has a purpose, a story to tell, and is jam-packed with emotion. 

I create engaging content that moves viewers and inspires them to take action. If this sounds good to you, let’s chat below!

More Videos That Show Off My Style:

About HalfMile

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Who Am I?

My name is Caleb Fitzwater and I was born and raised in Kalispell, Montana. I grew up hiking, skiing, backpacking, and fly fishing. When I picked up my first camera in college for a part time activities position I knew that I had found the thing that I loved to do.

Outside of video, I am also an avid climber, a musician and a husband. If you're interested in learning more about me, I'm ALWAYS happy to meet up for coffee anytime!


Growing up, I had a mentor who would take a group of us hiking and backpacking frequently. Any time one of us would ask him how much further we had until we arrived at our destination he would answer, "just a healthy half mile!" We could be 500 feet from our end goal or 10 miles. His response was always the same.


I chose 1/2mile Media because it's a sentimental saying to me that basically means, "don't worry about the destination, just enjoy the journey."

My hope is that this sentiment will apply to my video work and my relationship with the people I work with. If you choose to work with 1/2mile Media, we will work together to accomplish your goals and reach your objectives, but we will also work to enjoy the process as it happens and walk away with a great experience.